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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” We would like to expand upon this thesis by the famous architect Mies van der Rohe with an addendum: “Because the quality of the parts determines the success of the whole.”

A high knowledge of materials and the sensible application of components in the end determine the quality of the finished product. In material tests we ensure the best-possible practicality of use.
The use of up-to-date machine technology completes the perfect transformation of the materials into finished product in each production step.
Numerous quality controls during the manufacturing steps ensure optimised production throughput.

Stamping parts
The spectrum of stamping parts produced by us ranges from flat-lying, deformed, self-adhesive to bent.... [continue]
Insulating parts
Through continuous development, we have developed our own manufacturing methods and efficient machines, in order... [continue]
We offer reels for just about every application. This demands a high degree of technical... [continue]
Customized cutting
We also carry out customized cutting for you in the form of a fair partnership.... [continue]
Our flexible insulation materials ensure the insulation of individual interturn windings from each other and... [continue]
Manufacturing processes
Stamping, cutting, deforming – we show you the technical background to our manufacturing processes [continue]
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