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In the following you will find a few terms from the experts of insulation materials and stamping parts:

Insulating parts

Insulating parts are composed of a non- or weakly-conducting material (see insulation materials) with a high electrical resistance. In addition, they also exhibit high electrical breakdown resistance, as well as thermal durability. Because of these properties, insulation parts in the shape of slot wedges, slot insulation etc. are used, above all, in the electric motor, generator and transformer industries.

Laminates (= multi-layer insulation)

Insulating materials that consist of multiple layers are denominated as flexible laminates. They are produced by conglutination/lamination of foils (e.g. Hostaphan®*, Mylar®**, etc.), papers and non-wovens (fleece) of the same or a different insulation class. Frequently the outer layers (if consisting in non-wovens) are additionally soaked in resin to achieve a higher temperature stability. This multi-layer insulation unite their technical properties to a versatile final product whereby economic benefits can be generated. The most common laminates are composed of two or three material layers.

Customized cutting

Customized cutting, in the GOBA sense, is the contract-related processing and finishing of supplied material using our manufacturing technology.
For example, this includes the customized cutting of mother rolls to the desired reel width.

Polyester film

Polyester film as an electrical insulation film is a film made from the linear polyethylene terephthalate (PETP), which gets its special properties from an extrusion process. Here a thin layer of melted PETP is added to a roller and is then stretched at right angles to the direction of roller rotation. Following high-temperature fixation, a biaxially-oriented PETP film results that is used under varies trademarks (Hostaphan®*, Mylar®**, etc.) as an insulating film, which is classified under insulation class B. Through lamination this can also be used in higher insulation classes (see data sheet for properties).

Punched parts

Stamping parts are flat parts that are made in accordance with the customer’s wishes from various insulation materials (e.g. Hostaphan®*, Nomex®**, fleece, etc.) and are processed on stamping machines with stamping dies. These parts find uses as phase insulation, slot insulation, etc. in many branches of industry; however, particularly in the electric motor, generator and transformer industries.

Insulation class

Insulation materials ensure the insulation of individual interturn windings from each other and of the winding from the housing in electric machines, drives and transformers. High temperatures can be generated in electrical components, which impair or destroy the insulation. Therefore, the various insulation materials are subdivided into insulation classes. This maximum established temperature for each insulation class must not be exceeded during continuous use. The maximum temperature is not comparable with the melting temperature, but rather lies below it.

* Hostaphan® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Polyesterfilm GmbH and is UL certified

** Mylar® and Nomex® are registered trademarks of DuPont Teijin Films and are UL certified

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